25 August 2008


Marching Orders: Some New Wingmen's Blogs to Check Out

Time for me to show some love to some other excellent blogs that deserve your attention in this issue of Marching Orders. Hey, who says liberals are the only ones that can love?

Bloviating Zeppelin

Alright music fans, just when the left was getting ready to make you "Bang Your Head" the BZ comes to the rescue to lay the smack down like, well, a Lead Zeppelin.

A reformed democrat, BZ has seen both sides of the political spectrum and has made his choice to enlighten others from their darkness.

I've definately cleared out a LZ for the BZ and you should too!

The O Word

Conservative by nature, Christian by choice and an excellent blog writer to for good measure.

The Big O features "Red Fridays" Segment which promotes awareness and support of the US Military, and I say to you, I salute you.


Just came across this gem today, written by a gorgeous blogger from the Great State of Texas.

Sparkle adds her glowing commentary on the left's seriously dull world. Make sure to catch this shooting star today!

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cary said...

Thank you very much for the plug. I do apologize in advance for light posting this week. I look forward to returning to this LZ many times, and hope that I can live up to the "excellent blog writer" part, also.

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