19 August 2008


McCain's Attacks on Obama go Too Far?

The Smear Gap: McCain's Obama Attacks Newsweek

Okay now this one is almost too good to be true. When I first came up with the idea to do a blog, I was worried I wouldn't have enough good material, ideas and wordsmithing ability to make a decent blog.

Well, I'm still not sure about about the wordsmithing but the material is free flowing!

So, click on the link above to read the article by Newsweek news geek Jonathan Alter. But, if you'd rather save your lunch, then don't. You'd probably be wasting a good Internet connection in doing so.

So, me being the great guy that I am will give you a quick synopsis of the article: Basically, Alter says McCain is mean to Obama because he called him out on not visiting the troops in Germany, and for several other normal statements.

Yep, here we go again with the McCain is old, and mean-spirited. He's just like McBushy. Old, and Mean. Mean. Old. Old. Mean. Jesus shut the hell up already. Is this the best the liberals have? Seriously?

Here's the bottom line. Obama blew of the troops in Germany as well as in Afghanistan to spend time campaigning, winning political points and earning face time on CNN. Would 15 minutes of his time have been too much to ask? If you can't show real, genuine compassion of a soldier, airman, sailor or marine when the camera is not rolling, you have absolutely no business being the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces.

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