23 August 2008


Napalm in the Morning: Biden's an Abortion Machine

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Democratic Veepstakes is over and we have a winner, but more importantly, we have a definite loser. The winner: Joe Biden. The loser: The American Fetus. Actually, loser probably isn't strong enough of a word. It's kind of like saying the Jews in Germany fell a little short against Hitler. Below is a list of Biden's voting record when it deals with abortion (courtesy of Project Vote Smart).

2/26/2008: Vote to adopt an amendment that would prohibit the funding of abortions under the Indigenous Health Bill (S 1200), except in cases in which the pregnancy resulted from incest involving a minor or rape, or in cases in which an abortion is medically necessary to save a pregnant woman's life.

Vote: NO
Biden doesn't miss a chance to ensure that funds for an unrelated health care bill a funneled to providing abortions.

10/18/2007: Vote to adopt an amendment that prohibits funds in the bill from being granted to organizations that perform abortions when a woman's life is not in danger, unless the organization is a hospital.

Vote: No Vote
So basically Biden didn't think it was important enough to vote on whether or not non-certified medical facilites should be federal funded or not when it comes to recreational abortions. I thought the liberals were only pro-abortion to prevent back-alley abortions? This is tacit approval.

9/06/2007: Vote to adopt an amendment that would prohibit Federal funds from being distributed to organizations that support the practices of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.

Vote: No Vote
A No Vote when it comes to coercive abortions and involuntary sterilization? I don't know what's more sickening: The fact that the practice of coercing women into having an abortion and ensuring they can have no more children without their approval or the fact that Biden felt it wasn't an important enough bill to vote on.

10/21/2003: Vote to pass a bill that prohibits any individual from knowingly performing the procedure known as intact dilation and extraction, in which a fetus is partially delivered before it is aborted.

Vote: No Vote
Yeah, hell, its only partial birth (aka, the baby is in process of being born--aka baby is alive--aka PETA would go bug-f'ing nuts if you did this to a puppy) abortion...I'm sure he had more important things to do.

Vote to adopt an amendment that would ensure that military personnel have access to abortion services in military hospitals.

- Would overturn the ban that currently allows abortions in military hospitals only in cases when the life of the woman is at risk, or in cases of rape or incest.

Vote: YES
Yes, while the rest of the government is worried about terrorism, 9/11 and the rest of the GWOT, Biden was making sure that military hospitals would be forced to perform abortions as well. Obviously a far more important bill than helping to ensure proper funding and pay for the military.

It's hard to believe there is someone out there who hates the human fetus as much as this man. As much as the liberals try to blame busy for the deaths in 9/11 and the War on Terror, this man is as responsible for thousands of thousands of deaths right here in the USA.

Mr. Biden, why don't you go take a shower right now...it's alright, Hitler says it will be okay.


MK said...

Thanks, now i understand why B. Hussein picked this fellow, birds of a feather. And as for that moron you got pictured, how the hell does she know what her baby wants, did the baby say so? How can someone honestly be in favor of someone else killing them for doing nothing but being born.

Findalis said...

It is the Moonbat Express starting Monday. And I hope to have enough ammo to shoot them down from the sky.

Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. And Biden should know better.

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