30 August 2008


Napalm in the Morning: What the South Got Right

I've spent a lot of time the past week focused in on the upcoming election. Its become the soap opera of our times. For me, and I'm sure many of you reading the Circus, its easy to become so driven. Most of us understand the ramifications of what electing a socialist to the White House means. Most of us know why we need to continue to fight and defeat terrorism. And, for most of us, it is incredibly frustrating to see people who just can't see it, or just have to clue, drifting aimlessly through life.

I wanted to take a moment today to make a post about the land I have grown to love. The South.

It started of a love-hate relationship. I used to love leaving it and hate going to it. I'm a Yankee, no doubt born and raised and was a proud one too at that. I used to hear stories of the South, how there were pockets of it who were still carrying on the civil war, how it was so far behind the times compared to the standards of northern life.

I am a huge history buff. Specifically, the Civil War era. I admit my views of the South was formulated very well off of that time frame. Stories of Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his 20th Maine beating back Confederate advancements in Gettysburg, time and time again became a story of inspiration for me. I found glee in Sherman's March through Atlanta. Pride filled my heart as Lee surrendered his army.

I always had great respect for the Confederate army. These men truly believed in what they were fighting for, and until Gettysburg, was whipping the Yankee into submission, and possibly without the bottom of the market falling out for cotton, would have succeeded.

In text books and schools in the North, the South was always portrayed as a great land of racism. Much time was devoted to analyzing and inspected Rosa Parks and the events that occurred in Montgomery, AL. We were lead to believe that one of the wonders in the world were all of the wooden crosses that were burned could be seen from space.

Recently, I've probably spent more time South of the Mason-Dixon line than I have North of it in the past few years. Now, my eyes are starting to open up some. Until now, I had always somewhat looked down upon the South.

I'll admit, things are a bit slower here, but only in pace. I miss a true winter with snow and the sports that go along with it. I don't think I'll ever become accustomed to sweet tea, I will debate all day that the SEC is the most over hyped conference in the country, and I mustn't have the attention span to watch NASCAR.

But, in spite of this, the South is becoming a land I am beginning to love more and more each day. Definitely, there has been some things the South got right.

First and foremost, no place in this country remembers, respects, honors and takes pride in the men and women serving and who have served the country with dignity and valor. I have never seen a anarchy rally against the war in my travels from Virginia to Texas. Any time I've been in uniform I have always been treated very well, and although I don't feel I deserve them, have been given much praise in the form of compliments, thank-yous and people insisting they pick up my tab for a cup of coffee.

The South has always had a history rich in military tradition and supporting its fighting spirit. Dating back to the civil war, all men were called upon to take up arms in support, and all men did. Their were no conscientious objectors. No Cindy Sheehans. The women of the south supported, inspired and drove the Army of the Northern Virginia to the doorsteps of the White House.

In contrast, in the North, a man or woman in uniform is looked at almost with scorn. If you are approached while in uniform, its more likely for someone to tell you how much they pity you because you might have to go to war.

Going hand in hand with the support they South gives the military, is the fact that despite the best efforts of many revisionist historians and political action groups, the South has never forgotten its history or its culture. Great pride is taken in every aspect of the growth of the South. Ask almost anyone of the street about the Civil War and they can tell you about it in great detail. There remembrance of history gives them great strength - with something to compare facts and reality to. They aren't nearly as likely to drink the Obama-Aid because they know what has and hasn't worked in the past, not only in the South but they have an understanding of the world as it affects them.

For this, the South is branded backwards, not progressive, not modern. But, I tell you, if being "forwards" or modern means anything other than learning from the mistakes of the past, then no thank you. And progressive is a front for Socialism.

In comparison, the North has absolutely no clue as to its history. The closest you will come to it is in a college campus were a 50 year old with a pony tail will tell you how the Government is evil for beating his ass silly during the Summer of 68. The best response you'll get about the civil war is if it had something to do with Canada, and textbooks are revised to show that George Washington was nothing more than an alcoholic, Thomas Jefferson was the great slaveholder, therefore nothing he did for this country was of any value, and that the civil war was only about money and power.

Believe me, I'm all for updating history as its told if it is factual, but to twist and change it to bastardize this nation is shameful, and part of the reason why this country found on liberty and democracy and formed into a republic is on the verge of being run-over by socialism and elitists.

And lastly, the Southerner is a moral, God fearing people. The notion of a family consists of one man and one woman, together, raising a family. People attend church regularly and make it an integral part of their lives. They are polite and care deeply about their neighbors. I can't tell you how many times I have been shocked, but happy none-the-less, where a neighbor has come over, just to see how I was doing, or if I needed help with anything. And for this, the Southerner has been labeled slow, both physically and mentally by the elitists, who say that they, much like their northern moderates in Pennsylvania, cling to their guns and religion. I can see more and more why great leaders such as Lee left the North to lead his army in the war.

The Southern people aren't slow, or backward or stupid. They are the people who make this nation strong in times of great weakness. They are the rock behind the American fighting machine and the stalwart behind our nation's liberty.

No South, I haven't always loved you, but more and more I am becoming your greatest fan.

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Findalis said...

History books are written by college professors, many of whom are left-wing nuts.

What you feel in the South you also feel in the Mid-West. A sense of patriotism and love for your nation. That is what is forgotten in most of the Coasts (the exception is NYC, where flags still abound and Ground Zero is hallowed ground).

It is time that the people of America, from coast to coast, stand tall for this nation.

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