21 August 2008


Rewarding Sissiness

Cup Stacking Will Defend America
(Notice the Bob Dylan Book and the Official Cup Stacking Mat)

As the days and weeks evolve, I often think to myself, since when, did Pop America become a society of sissies. Since when, did it become posh, to be the pocket protector sporting nerd of the world?

People, this is a wake up call. Actually, that is far too polite. This is the garbage truck coming at three AM and knocking over your trash can so you can snap out of your lethargy. Now is not the time for "summer soldiers or sunshine patriots."

As available as news and media is today, you would think that people would actually have half a clue as to what kind of legitimate danger we live in in today's world. You would think that people would be keeping at least moderately close tabs on the actions of Iran, North Korea, Russia etc. You would think that people would have taken a moment to research legitimate resources to find out who and what the War on Terror really comprises. But, in keeping with the never-let-common-sense-prevail mentality of today: of course not!

Now listen, I'm not old enough to say, "back in my day, we walked 100 miles upside down to get the newspaper" or anything of that sort; however, I've taken what I consider to be the required amount of time for any citizen to study, research and familiarize myself with the history of this country and the history of those nations we interact with, for better or worse.

Stop living in a fools paradise people. Stop picking up the party line and mantra of the mouthpieces of the left, just because a sharp looking man in a suit told you that "we as Americans are evil and need no stop our actions." Do the research yourself, because without it, you'll have nothing to base your views and beliefs on.

America once was a country that stood for something: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, spreading democracy around the world, helping societies in their time of need, protecting its citizens, borders, culture and language, honoring its heritage. I could go on and on.

Today, Pop America stands for nothing. And because of that, truly, we are on the verge of falling the anything.

It starts an an early age. Children are taught to stack cups in gym class rather than play sports. Example one of how competitiveness is being weened away. There is no wonder why we cannot compete academicly and industrially with other countries now. Competition is viewed as evil now, because the loser might get their feelings hurt in the process, and heaven forbid that would happen. We would rather deny people the great learning experience of identifying, learning and overcoming their shortcomings and ding someones spirits.

Self-defense is an afterthought. A simple fight in a school is punishable by prison time now. The preferred method is to take deep-breaths and count to ten while the bully pours milk all over you in the lunch room. Citizens are jailed for shooting illegal aliens who are in process of robbing their house and threatening their well-being, while the looter walks away scott-free, and probably with a lawsuit against that citizen.

Muslim extremism, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are not the bully at the lunch table. We can't afford the start counting to ten, and being patient to the point of long-suffering. We need to be on our toes and prepared. The consequence is death. If that doesn't motivate you to snap out of your lethargy, maybe you're already flat lined in the pulse department.

When the nukes start flying, the only counting I want to hear is from missile command commencing their counter-attack.

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