26 August 2008


You Can't Conserve Your Way Out of This: Why the Left Will Never Let Gas Prices Fall Again

How many times have you heard it? "We can't drill our way out of this mess." From television to print, the talking point of left has repeatedly been the aforementioned.

They say drilling won't help. They say that America doesn't want us to drill. They say theirs no more oil. And most of all, like a bad Rudyard Kipling poem, they repeat the meaningless mantra, that "we can't drill our way out of the energy crisis." The very statement is illogical and equates to "we cannot eat to keep ourselves from starving."

Instead, our only recourse is to take giants steps backwards in the development and technological and logistical advancement of this country. Conserve, use less, drive smaller cars, drive more efficient cars.

They fail to see the great whammy this causes to the growth of this country. While we cut back, other countries like China, Russia and South America are using more oil. Using more to move and build in their country. Using more to develop and fortify their militarys. Using more to ensure that they can have a stronger and more powerful position in the world.

Conservation? Well, that's sure to bring gas prices down for us right? Wrong. As we mentioned earlier, other countries are using oil in a far greater amount than any irrational and improbable cutbacks in the US could make up for. The result, we end up making oil cheaper for other countries to use more of.

While we should be good stewards of the environment, the answer is not for us all to be taking bicycles to work 20 miles each way, or dueling tractor-trailers on the highway in cars with gross weights of less than 700 lbs.

Increasing our own domestic supply is the only way to improve the short-term situation in the US. We can't wait for energy sources that haven't be fully developed yet and we damn sure can't be putting all of our hopes on windmills that show potential, but are doing little more today than offering target practice for Don Quixote.

The left knows this. It's not like the handwriting isn't on the wall. The thing is, the left just doesn't care whether or not gas prices go down or not. Think about it. The cornerstone of their agenda has been to green-weeniefy America, and folks, their doing a pretty damn good job of it. You have housewives buying toilet paper for $4 a roll at the grocery store because it is supposedly better for the environment (although I can't imagine it is much more comfortable than fine sandpaper) and Kindergartners learning that the recycling triangle is one of the basic geometric shapes.

Let's face it, even if gas prices ever did go back down to the sub-three dollar range, where would the incentive be to drive a $27,000 corn-fed lawn-mower? How will they prevent that from happening? Any guesses? Beuhler? That's right. Tax the ever-living-hell out of every ounce of oil from ground to gas tank. Tax the oil supplier to the point where it becomes impracticable to even supply oil. Tax the refiner to the point that its cheaper to move your refinery into an off-shore coral barrier and punish the consumer back into line by adding and increasing municipal, local, state and federal taxes to make a gallon of gas even more expensive than it ever was before alternative energy became so vogue.

Believe me folks, I'm no more pro-oil than the next guy. I firmly believe i taking care of our planet, but not to the point of breaking the bank and back of the American public, and that we need to immediately lessen our foreign dependence on oil for our financial and national security.

Washington, don't tell me that you feel my pain or really care about "how hard it is for me to pay for gas and pay this bills in the same paycheck." You don't know and you really don't care. I mean, Al Gore still flies on corporate jets to go to book signings, has SUV's and limos take him to and fro for rallies, yet I'm supposed to feel guilty when I fire up the the car to go to the grocery store?

Truly, this is one mess that we can't conserve our way out of.


Findalis said...

Actions speak louder than words. Al Gore talks a good game, but he is the biggest user of energy in the state of Tennessee. George Bush has secured his home energy wise using all the available forms of energy.

Who's lead do you think I will follow?

cary said...


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