18 September 2008


The Inverse Relationship Between the Election and Blood Pressure

Well fans and space creatures, I'm going to post an entry beyond my normal musings and news blotter. Today, in my first post in nearly two weeks, I'm going to talk about how I feel and really get in touch with my liberal side. After all, that's really all that matters right?

The last couple weeks time has become more valuable than oil for me and hence, no posts to the circus. I haven't been following up on the Obamanation or the general state of affairs in the Socialis...I mean Democrat party.

My only outlet as far as news is the few minutes I hit up the XM in the morning on the way to fly and back, catching the latest clips of the treasonist left's acts. Hacking into email accounts, taxing to promote patriotism...you know, the usual.

Its kind of surreal. Its like watching one of those time lapse pictures. Every day, for three or four minutes a day, I've seen a real elevation in the general shrillness. I'm afraid my radio might explode in a few more weeks if this keeps up.

As far as the Palin email hacking scandal, my thoughts are this: These human pieces of feces are the same turds who were against wiretapping and the Patriot Act when it came to defending this country yet feel it is their civic duty to illegally hack and obtain personal information. This confirms my belief that the left is truly anti-American.

Scranton Joe Biden (Because Wilkes-Barre disowned him) said its patriotic to pay taxes. Under his logic, rich people, who pay an overwhelming majority of this nations taxes, are far more patriotic than poor people. This coming from the party of the working people? Once again liberalism generates the exact opposite of its stated intent. Obviously he is totally out of touch with the public.

Barry Obama keeps beating the drum that his tax plan will cut taxes for 95% of America, yet less than 40% of Americans pay taxes, and of that 40% only 10% pay nearly half of the revenue made by the IRS. Of course its that 10% that Barry Obama wants to increase their taxes on. B.O. baby...his tax plan stinks!

Oh, and three cheers for sexism in America! If these past few weeks since Palin's announcement as VP have proved one thing its this: Unless your a butch, an overt Communist, or a cover Socialist you really aren't a feminist.

How's that for pithy. Fools!


Findalis said...

It's patriotic to pay taxes so let us raise them. I thought that it is patriotic to obey the law instead. My mistake.

I'm a feminist and not a butch or commie. I was a stay at home Mom who was able to work out of her home (things we do to become the class Mom). That is true feminism.

Nobama and Biden are just wrong for America. We don't need a Nanny State, we need a real leader.

Ruinous Right said...

Hey... Thanks for using my quote in your blog header! It would be great if you could also provide a link to the original article so visitors can see exactly what I was addressing.


That article was picked up by other sites and it really generated a lot of traffic and positive comments. Since posted, I haven't seen you include any over-the-top dishonest imagery like the one of Obama hovering over a pile of cocaine. I also noticed you toned down the outrageous lies a bit, but you still demonize people who don't agree with you at every turn.

"human pieces of feces"
"Unless your a butch, an overt Communist, or a cover Socialist you really aren't a feminist."


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