02 September 2008


Napalm in the Morning: Gore Just Might Have Invented the Internet - Liberal Smears Rule the Net

One of the things I've learned in the short period of time blogging is that in this great, never-ending void called the Internet, conservative bloggers are a minority. The left has the advantage in online media sources as well.

Take a look onto Buzz from Yahoo and you'll see the sites and articles that are pro-Obama are buzzed through the roof, and in much greater number than the McCain articles. Same holds true on digg.com and other social networking sites.

Not only is the amount of sites greater in number, the content of the articles are far more venomous than anyone would imagine. Take for example, the headline content from the Huffington Post:



Report: McCain Camp Stalling Palin Investigation... 'Fringe' Alaskan Secessionist Party: Palin Was A Member... Almost Recalled As Mayor... Directed Fundraising For Indicted Senator's 527... Troopergate Scandal... 17 Year-Old Daughter Pregnant... Husband's DUI...

The Huffington Post tries to pass itself off as a legitimate news outlet, but the content of its articles are about as factual as the Weekly World News at the check-out lines of the grocery store, and apparently they hire 3rd graders to proofread their material. Now, I'm not saying I don't make a typo here or there, but I don't do this for a living (I actually have a job, maybe that's why I'm voting Republican), and I certainly don't try to pass this site off as a professional news source. And, if their is any doubt as far as the fairness and balances in reporting, that headline is actually pretty conservative for the Huff (a bong) Post. And really, if you consider that site to be a reputable source of news, there is no sense in trying to talk about issues with you.

Next up on the hit parade is the DailyKos, the website credited with breaking the Palin Pregnancy story. Well, not really, their actual posts attacked Palin by saying that Gov. Palin's last baby that was born was actually her daughters, but hey, who's counting facts here when it comes to the liberal media. Their basic premise is two-fold and simple, create a super left-wing love fest for their community, and sling as much mud as possible and find out what sticks, sort of like "communicating with the dead or reading palms." Why do I get the strong image of some guy in a pair of tight leather pants sitting at a latte bar in San Francisco typing away, profusely sweating and turning red in the face when I think of who contributes to these blogs.

But, hey, whenever you try to talk about Rev. Wright, Tony Rezco, Obama's drug use etc, they get their boxing trunks pulled up over their noses and cry foul.

Now why might their be such a disparity in conservative versus liberal blogs? Well, the left would like you to think that they are the more popular party, but this isn't the case. My opinion is this, conservatives actually have jobs to go to don't sit home all day buzzing up their idol. I mean, they have to do whatever they can to ensure we keep paying taxes for them right?

So, it looks like, maybe Al Gore really did invent the Internet - if not, he certainly staked a huge claim for the left wing, but don't worry, the higher the folks get over at the Huffabong Post, the further the fall.


Findalis said...

I never believe what is read at the liberal media, it is almost always wrong.

The Left will talk about anything but issues. And Nobama only talks 3 things: Hope, Change and Yes We Can.

But we on the right forget the cardinal rule. Stick to the issues. The net has been a buzz with post after post on this girl's pregnancy. We should have dropped it fast and gone back to the facts.

By talking about stupid things, the left gets us away from the real problems of America.

TexasFred said...

conservative bloggers are a minority.
That's because unless they are fully retired, Conservatives work for a living...

Dem/Libbers live in Mommies basement eating Cheetos and typing one handed while they play with themselves...

Thus the term: Cheese dick...

Findalis said...

Ain't that the truth Fred. And thank God for retirement (sort of in my case).

lot 2 learn said...

I was clapping and yelling all the way through your post. I could not have said it any better than you.

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