17 October 2008


Who the Military Supports for the Election

A few months ago I was told by a poster on a public forum that the military obviously, overwhelmingly should and does support Barrack Obama for President, because he will "bring them all home". The basic premise of their argument was that our nation's military is cowardly and really only joined because the economy was bad and they wanted "free" college money (something they also said Obama would be able to provide them without being 'evil mercenaries'). I mean, after all, John Kerry even said the US military was made up of idiots who were "stuck in Iraq."

The source for their proclamation? A NY Times article from nearly a year ago stating that donors who identified themselves as military members had donated a few thousand dollars more to the Obama campaign than the McCain campaign. It's also important to note that the Obama campaign has also received fraudulent donations from "Mickey Mouse", "ashodiuhf ahsouhduehhf" and "John McCain."

Now of course this all came as a great surprise to me as I have never once heard anyone in uniform say that they supported anything remotely close to what Obama stands for, let alone actively support him for President. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary.

Findalis, posted a great article over at Monkey in the Middle from the "Army Times" poll who shows who the military actual supports (See the post here). Results show McCain has nearly a 50 point lead over Obama in almost every category of voter.

The long and short of it is this. The men and women of our Armed Forces feel John McCain is by far the best suited to lead and defend our country against the numerous threats that want our countries demise. These are the boots on the ground. These are the people who see that Iraq and Afghanistan aren't the "great wastes of money" that Obama and Joe Biden say they are.

The very possible fact is folks, there will be no country left to Socialize if Obama gets in office. His inexperience and dangerous and irresponsible foreign policy ideas when it comes to dealing with the Middle East is like inviting a rattlesnake into your bed at night; and I don't want to see how poor the quality of medical care will be under socialized medicine after we get bit.


Findalis said...

The men and women of the military usally are indictive of the way the majority of Americans vote. I have a very sneaky opinion that the Army Times poll is the true one and the MSM polls are jacking up Obama's numbers. If this is the case, McCain will win hands down. Might be a great November surprise to Obama.

Ruinous Right said...

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