12 November 2008


America Didn't Want Issues

Okay, let's get something straight about this election. America didn't want issues. Despite as many on the left like to argue, the fact is, the an overwhelming majority of Americans don't understand them to begin with.

Obama's electorate wanted a good looking, articulate lawyer to fill a suit. Sure, they wanted change from the direction this country is in now, but most people don't have a clue as to what or how that is accomplished. If they did, we'd already have all the answers and the market wouldn't be in turmoil. I mean, if the electorate really knew the workings of the market, they'd be self-made Warren Buffets.

Obama's campaign was comprised of rhetoric and catch-phrases. When he/they did speak about issues, he fell flat on his face (see Joe the Plumber, Joe Biden urging us to gird our loins). It was certainly effect enough though. With no experience or a position to stand on, it was like trying to play catch with a handful of sand. And if anyone was lucky enough to pin him down on an issue, they were branded a racist, mean-spirited or ignorant. Meanwhile, the vermin on the left used they're stooges to attack Palin and her family on grounds that had nothing to do with politics and would be consider libelous and slanderous if done to any other American. Obama's never denounced that.

So, folks, if it makes you feel good to tell yourself that Obama won over the voter's on key issues such as hope, change and good-looks, so be it. But much like not being proud of what Obama really stands for and coming out and defending it (socialism) i doubt that anyone will be happy to own up to the fact issues were really tertiary at best.

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Findalis said...

America wanted an empty suit and that is just what it got. It will take a leader, a person of strong will and discipline to bring this country back to its roots after a distastous 4 years of Obama.

thearmyrecruiterswife said...

Hey! I found the law suit stuff on another blog regarding Obama's American Citizenship and the whole issue with the birth certificate. I knew there were questions regarding his birth certificate (something to do with the border?) but I didn't know about the whole confusion about which hospital he was born in in Hawaii, and his possible birth in Kenya, and his mom obtaining Indonesian citizenship so he could attend a muslim school in Indonesia. It's so crazy!! Anyways, here's the link to the blog - I cna't believe I read through all that legal stuff. :)

Cavalor Epthith said...

"America didn't want issues."

No, sir, America did not want right wing issues.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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