05 November 2008


Napalm in the Morning: America's Morning After Pill

Well folks, if there was ever a reason in this country to administer a mass morning-after pill to this country, it was last night. I can't say I'm stunned by the results of the election. It was pretty apparent early on that the majority of America was more concerned with their perceived pocket book shortages and changing history than they were with defending this country and what it stands for. My hope, and failing, was that I still had faith in the majority of this country.

Now some will say, that is a pretty bitter statement, and your right. But I'm not somebody who is going to all of a sudden start jumping on the bandwagon against my morals and beliefs. The problem as a whole is far more systemic than the fact that Obama won the White House. I'm not sure exactly how I am going to organize this, other than how I feel is what will be said.

First off, I will tip my cap to the Obama campaign. Anyone who can uproot the Juggernaut Clinton machine and raise as much money as they did played the 21st century politics game to a T. While I firmly believe that much of what they did was highly suspicious, the bottom line is, they did it, and while I agree with almost nothing on their agenda, their ability to turn the beast loose in America is something to marvel.

Now, onto John McCain. I have to admit, he wasn't my first choice as far as potential nominees. I really didn't have one, and I think a lot of Republicans had the same issue, and I think that really bit his run in the ass when all was said and done. I was impressed with his defense record and his personal courage and history, while I really admired Mitt Romney's financial background but was highly impressed with Mike Huckabee's social stances and his ability to talk to and identify with people. Lest we forget Rudy Giuliani, who truly did marvels to clean up the city of New York, as a Republican in a heavily liberal city, and was a beacon of American resolve during 9/11. Each had great strengths, but each had great weaknesses. McCain's economic background wasn't very strong, there were questions about Romney's social views, Huckabee was viewed by many as socially too far right-wing (which I personally disagree with), and Giuliani was the opposite socially. In contrast, for the Democrats, it was easy. You either had to choose between left, and lunatic fringe left.

But, back to McCain. As an individual, I gained a ton of respect for him. I had always kind of viewed him as a borderline RINO prior to this election, but I truly feel he did his absolute best to represent the party as a whole. Further, I was amazed in his ability to keep pace on the campaign trail, especially the last 72 hours. Any idiot who said he was too old would be lucky to do the same (7 states in 24 hours). Further, you could tell he was and lives his life in great pain from the torture he endured as a POW. And let me take a quick second to say to all of those pure pieces of human waste, who questioned the legitimacy of his service and made fun of his scars and pain, that you people do not deserve to have a seconds worth of air in this country.

Now here is where I really get heated. I would personally like to meet and slap the campaign mangers of McCain along with the rest of the Republican National Committee. They ran an absolute awful...awful campaign. It was like they weren't even trying. By allowing Obama to go months without seriously being questioned about his relationships with Ayers, Wright, Khalid, Nation of Islam, the Socialist Party, his lack of experience, his radical views growing up etc., they legitimized him as a candidate. I would have painted into a corner before he ever had an opportunity to say "I'm Barack Ob...." and the American public would have finished the sentence for him. They would have known all they needed to know about him before he ever got a chance to get a boot off the ground. And, how the hell the RNC could let senate seat and house seat fall by the wayside and play the "let's just hope they don't take too many this time" game is beyond me.

Now, going back to the Democrat side, not just the campaign but the intelligentsia and the media. I know they really don't care, but I'm sure I'm not alone in this view, but no matter what they do, they have done more the fracture this country than ever before. I truly believe that no matter what they do, the wounds they have inflicted in this race will take generations to heal. The last straw for me was the treatment given to Gov. Sarah Palin and her family. How dare anyone say the vitriolic, hateful, slanderous things they did about her. From making and posting fake pornographic pictures of her on the Internet, to portraying her as a bumbling idiot, they truly have shown that the Democratic party is not the party for women's rights. Its the party for "Some Women's Rights". After 8 years though of attacking Bush, 2 years of patronizing McCain and 6 months of slandering Palin, its a wonder the media didn't create a 80/20 voting split in this country.

So, I've come to a great re-awakening today. We need massive reform in this country, NOW! I'll go much further in depth in shortly, but I will leave you with this: As far as both the Republicans and Democrats go, I say, a pox on both their houses. And, as far as the election goes, maybe Rev. Wright was right. "America's chickens are coming home to roost." We truly will reap what we have sewn in this country, and maybe only then, America will snap out of its lethargy and apathy. The damage though, maybe too far done.

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John's Tech Journal said...

Hey Auto, John here.

I've been trying to keep up with your writings but must admit I've missed a few weeks. I felt compelled to have a look today and see if you found the strength to post a postmortem. You did not disappoint.

Your thoughts are a good beginning to the healing process. We will need to vent some of our frustrations to get on with things.

Dennis Miller had a decent comment a couple of days ago on O'Reily: 'I'm not gonna hate Barack Obama. This country's been mad for 8 years with all this hatred. Enough. If he gets elected, so be it. It's not my guy but this hatred has got to stop.'

I'd like to think I can take that attitude as well. I have some serious concerns and fears and will do what I can to oppose things I disagree with but I'll try not to hate.

Findalis said...

I'm not going to hate Obama, the Congress or any party. I AM going to hold their feet to the fire. I AM going to make sure that they don't destroy the freedoms we enjoy. And I AM going to fight to keep our military at a level that will defend our nation.

After 4 years of Obama this nation will be ready for a new leader. A person who will bring it back to its center.

thearmyrecruiterswife said...

Well said! I'm still in shock! I am curious to see who he brings into the white house - and a little worried. I guess all we can do now is make sure he and the others elected that support him are held accountable for everything they do. One positive thing that this election has done for me is made me more aware of what's going on and made me realize that I need to be active in my local/state govt.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there..the damage is done but....I won't give up the fight...just yet! :)

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Well you pretty much summed up most of our feeling I am sure. I question the repubs campaign tactics though, it's almost like they were staged with then end result know in advance. I guess I tend to think sideways, but something smells on this one. Now as a result we will pay the price.

Ruinous Right said...

You partially deserve credit for Obama’s LANDSLIDE victory. The McCain camp, the GOP and most right-wing bloggers hoped to win by ‘divide and conquer’. The smears, negativity and ignorance displayed here and elsewhere pushed independents, undecideds and even some conservatives to the left. Most Americans wanted to discuss the real issues, but that seemed impossible for some.

The GOP is now in disarray and it will take some time form them to reorganize. Let’s hope they can move past the divisiveness and work towards goals that will unite and move our country forward.

John's Tech Journal said...

Nnnnn. Nnnnnnn. I'm biting my tongue. I will not take the bait tossed out so invitingly by 'Ruinous Right'.

Jordan Hixon said...

Ruinous Right:

You are basically ignoring the thousands of liberal blogs that state their opinion to. Both sides smear each other and you fail to realize that.

Yes the GOP is in bad shape because they left their Conservative values (if they had any to begin with) and moved closer to the left. The Republicans deserved to lose because they didn't have the balls to stand up for conservatism, but instead put a phony candidate in that was shaky to begin with. America enjoys conservatism, therefore our prosperous times during the Raegan administration. Since then we have drastically strayed away from our roots and delved into corruption. BUT, compared to the incompetence and socialistic nature of the left wing, i would take the Republicans any day

Ruinous Right said...

@ Jordan

I'm afraid you are wrong.

Unfortunately, most Republican bloggers spent more time posting hate-filled misinformation and retouched photos of Obama looking like a Muslim than they did discussing the real issues. Most knew that the policies and corruption of the Bush/Cheney administration meant Republicans were in for an uphill battle. McCain won the nomination because most Republicans wanted to move away from the far right, but he quickly caved by flip-flopping on issues and picking Sarah Palin for V.P.. I've spoken to several conservatives that say the V.P. pick and increased negativity lead them to vote for Obama. If you think moving further right and continued demonizing of Democrats is going to land a Republican back in the White House, then you are sorely mistaken. McCain really had a good shot, but he and the party lost their way.

Incompetence and socialistic nature of the left?!?! Give me a break. Bush is synonymous with 'incompetence' and you don't even know the true definition of 'socialism'.

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