02 November 2008


Obama Relationships: Where there's Smoke, there's Fire!

One thing I haven't been able to get a handle on this election is the fact that despite the numerous negative and sometimes dangerous associations that Barrack Obama has tied to him, many either aren't paying attention or just don't care.

It used to be, "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you what kind of person you are." The Obama camp has done an excellent job of deflecting, spinning and denying Obama's long ties with former felons, racists preachers, and terrorist supporters. Thus, it is up to us to make the connection. Now of course, once one begins to piece together the facts that Obama has been surrounded by many people we would never be caught dead with, one is accused of either being a racist or inspiring fear, but folks, their IS a lot to be afraid of.

Its kind of like telling someone "Hey, stop spreading fear by telling your kids not to play with matches." Or, "The fact that we're trying to convert this country to a Socialist regime has nothing to do with the issues." Yeah, Obama has the best firemen in this business if people are buying off on that.

Obviously by now, if you know about Obama's Ayers relationship, the Rezko sweetheart property deal, the Rev. Wright Church of Hate, the Obama-Khalid-PLO connection, and still are a stooge for the left, their is no helping you. I'll come out and say it. You fall into one of two categories: You truly hate what this country and everything it stands for or you want a free ride through life.

I'm not really sorry if that offends anyone, but that is the naked truth. But there are folks out there who truly are undecided at this stage in the election. You know, in some ways as far as mental health and overall well-being is concerned, they probably are better off for it if its a case of them just not paying attention for the past two years. So to those people, I say to you, despite the fact that the Obama camp has been able to shrug off four or five very incriminating relationships that would get any normal person either investigated by the FBI or imprisoned, just think about what skeletons are yet to come out of the closet?

And, for that matter, a leopard doesn't change its spots. For Obama to spend a life time surrounded by such questionably charectered people, shows serious poor judgement on his behalf. Are you ready for him to do the same in the White House?

People have argued with me "Why can't you find anything good to say about Obama?" Well, my reply is, there really isn't anything good to say about him. What we do know about him is downright scary. His record in the Senate is virtually non-existent because he was there for little over a year before he started campaigning for the White House. Further, anytime anyone tries to investigate into his background they find more and more incriminating information about him. Then, when they come forward with it, they are accused of being a racist or spreading fear. I'll say again, sometimes it pays off to be a little fearful of things (IE petting a rattlesnake, trusting a child molester to babysit your kids etc).

So folks, the next time you hear someone accusing a person critical of Obama's poorly thought out plans, Socialist ideologies and criminal relations, ask them if they thought their parents were inciting fear for making them look both ways before crossing the street. Then see what kind of reaction you get.

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