20 August 2008


Against All Odds and the Media's Wishes: McCain Leading Obama in Polls by 5

Michael Moore stunned at the thought of Obama losing in November

McCain takes over Obama
Courtesy Yahoo News and Reuters

Break out the cream pies and silly string. Somebody about the "act da fool" up in here. Latest Zogby Polls are showing McCain up by as much as 9 points on Obamanator in polls of likely voters in November.

Folks, that's a swing of almost 16 points in less than a week. Now I though McCain did a great job in the Forum this past week and would pick up some ground their, but a 16 point swing?

What's unclear is how many previous polls counted groups that were unlikely voters. I'm sure Obama has strong support from people are often don't, won't or aren't even eligible to vote, and often those people are counted to skew a poll one way or another. One of Obama's largest bases, the so called youth vote, is notoriously awful when it comes time to punch the ballot. I mean, who wants to go wait in line at a fire hall and talk to old people when you can be at home playing guitar hero, smoking weed and figuring out ways how to promote "green" water for drinking?

What is for sure is this: You can be sure that Obama is goinna act da fool up in here now. Before it was fun and basketball games in Germany. Now the gloves are off. Obama hinted before that he was going to unleash a 'hell storm' on McCain. Now we'll just have to wait and see what that will be. Hopefully the McCain camp wont have their heads up their third point of contact and will be ready and prepared for such.

Rest assured, if the momentum keeps up for too long, you'll see smear attacks on McCain from a group known as POW Soldiers for Truth or some crap like that. And folks, when that happens, I'll be heading to Canada, or Mexico or Ireland, because when a country loses its respect for legitimate war heroes (Illegitimate - See John Kerry, John Murtha), they don't deserve the freedom to vote.

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nanny8 said...

Hope Michael Moore moves out of the country after the reublicans win. He likes Cuba maybe he can move there for his free healthcare he admires so much. Somebody that eats like he does will need free healthcare shortly.

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