20 August 2008


Obama to McCain: "You Don't Know What You're Up Against"

McCain 'Doesn't Know What He's Up Against"
Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Fox news reports that Obama is becoming defensive and combative, attacking McCain for questioning his character.


Well, let's see, what exactly CAN we question you on Mr. Obamination? Rev. Wright is off limits, you're drug use and extremist Muslim upbringings are taboo, the Illinois real estate scandal is too hot too touch and now, we cannot bring up the question of your character?

Given the fact that Sen. McCain has spent more time in a NVA prison camp than Obamination has in politics, there is little else to even debate about, which is Obama's whole agenda.

From Obama to McCain: "You sit there and look like an angry old man while I inspire people with pie-in-the sky ideas, like hope, change, change, hope, hope, hope, German speeches, change. You look like a fool and I will look like a master orator. If for some reason you speak better than me, I will accuse you of grievous offenses such as 'cheating' the forum setup."

Now the Obama camp is resorting to threats. "You don't know what you're up against!"

Believe me, unless they have a tactic worse than rotating the limbs of a persons body until they dislocate and relocate repeatedly for hours on end (ie NVA Interrogation Tactics), I'm pretty sure the Obamanation doesn't have jack for John McCain.

Fist bumps anyone?

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