23 August 2008


America's Unsung Heros: The Enlisted Soldiers, Sailor, Marines and Airmen

In an era in which the welfare of our nation's military is used as a political bargaining chip by the left, an era in which a vast amount of the American public is clueless to the threats that immanently surround this country, and an era in which the sacrifice of the men and women before us has not only gone unheralded, but has been spat upon, it is time for us to snap out of our lethargy and show the appreciation and respect due to our nation's unsung heroes: our enlisted members of the US Armed Forces.

These young men and women are the true sons and daughters of America. They come from Maine to Puerto Rico, from Texas to Hawaii, from across borders to earn their citizenship, and within this great nation to defend it. They don't do it for glory, for our countries respect is placed upon musicians, athletes and politicians. They don't do it for the pay, because in most cases, they would be far better off in the civilian sector. These men and women bear the heavy burden of ensuring the domestic tranquility of this nation because they are called to, and for such, I and the rest of the country should be eternally grateful. These warriors are the backbone of our military. While the officers lead these men, nothing would be accomplished without them.

Across the country we see veterans being mocked by college professors in California, protesters accusing our military of grievous acts in down right lies and Presidential candidates hurriedly ensure the failure of a war we are winning.

Today, America, is the day to recognize these men and women. And not by waving a flag or saying good deeds about them, but by legitimately standing up and taking a stand of courage. Taking a stand to say, enough is enough, when men who have fought so bravely to protect the freedom of speech are lampooned by liberal media. Enough is enough when Marines who have represented this country with honor and tradition are knifed in the back by one of their own, Rep John Murtha. Enough is enough when bills in congress meant to fund and support our troops are vetoed repeatedly by the democrats, in effort to make a political statement.

To those who have forgotten these brave souls, I say shame on you. To those who wish their failure I say be damned, for they are the ones who keep you and your families from being vaporized in the night by terrorists and extremists.

Let not their acts go unmentioned and forgotten, lest we shall be condemned to live under the merciless will of those who wish our demise.


Findalis said...

Outstanding words and feelings.

Bill Smith said...

Thank you for your post. It was also posted and shared on the Veterans For Russell.


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