19 August 2008


Deconstructing the Liberal Argument: An Intro

As I continue on posting to this blog, from time to time I will take selected articles, editorials and websites and deconstruct the irrational arguments presented within them. To me, it is so easy to see to errors in logic when reading or seeing these presentations.

Some will call this being mean-spirited. Some will say I am doing nothing more than just poking holes in other peoples ideas. Maybe so, but I remember a very liberal professor by the name of Dr. James Scofield telling me how important it was for us as students to be critical of our leaders, government and "evil conservative media sources" such as Fox News. Truly the same principle would apply to the liberal agenda right?

Feel free to send me articles, ideas or topics to write about. I enjoy the challenge and being informed on what is out there catching people's eyes. Hopefully, together we can see the shallowness of these arguments and construct a better approach in sharing our beliefs.

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