19 August 2008


The First Stand

I always thought bloggers were weenies. The kind of guy who needed a pocket protector to feel secure. The kind of girl who never was asked out on a date (except by the kid in the wheelchair). The kind of person who desperately needed attention to feel they were of worth. (Notice the political correctness by using an example of each sex. Now that you have, that probably will be the last time you'll see any of that around here.)

Well maybe now I'm that guy. Wait, nope, still not. It might be some sort of metamorphis that will occur later on as I become further entwined in E-zining, E-zining, and E-wasting my time, energy and human essance on a website that will either get flamed into oblivion by dissenters or totally ignored. Given the choice, I think I will take the prior. Hell if they are wasting their time trying to crucify me (and we all know how forgiving liberals are) then they aren't out trying to scare old people into their last dollars for contributions to the Obamination campaign.

Whoops, I let the cat out of the bag. I'm not toeing the line with the rest of 20-somethings who have lost their freaking minds. If this annoys you, I suggest you make this your first and last visit to this blog. Wait, unless you can see the error in your ways. Then, by all means, stop, be critical of your position, and maybe you can understand the stupidity of the modern donkey-party.

I'll keep things short and sweet for right now. I'm off to go publicize the shit out of this blog now. Enjoy, and I promise their is much much more to come.

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Findalis said...

Welcome to the Blogasphere. You're in for a great ride. You'll find some turbulence at times and there will be some stormy weather. But for the most part it will be clear flying weather.

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