25 August 2008


How Shall We Judge Our Leaders? (Courtesy of ARRA News Service)

Pulled this article off of the ARRA News Service Site and felt it was well worth sharing.

Truly, Charity begins at home, and if this is any indication of how well Obama really feels the pain of the "disadvantaged" Americans who are suffering at the hands of the Republicans then we are all in for a world of hurt.

How Shall We Judge Our Leaders?

Hat tip to Conservative Politics Today for bringing the following video and comments to our attention:
It’s a very telling video that speaks clearly of Obama’s hypocrisy, and lack of concern for anything other than himself. It is very insightful and I advise everyone to view it and pass it along. Meet George Obama, Barack’s half-brother. George lives in a 2×3 meter shack. He survives on $1 a month. Twice he has met Barack. Twice Barack has treated him as a stranger. Seems political opponents are not the only ones Barack shows absolute disregard for.
Barack Obama thinks we should judge our leaders based not just on words, but on deeds. See if you agree...


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