25 August 2008


Wacko Lunatic Fringe Heads Up Alert: America Refuses to Accept Defeat in Medal Count

Kevin Eason of the reputable Times Online UK posts an article attacking the US Olympic team, and the country in general by somehow claiming they got their clocks cleaned in China. With excellent articles like this, no wonder the left thinks the "educated and cultured" world hates us.

Make yourself stupid by reading the whole article here.

Apparently, the Times Online UK doesn't know how to count.

Overall Medal Count

Overall Medal Count
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Flag of United States 36 38 36 110
Flag of China 51 21 28 100
Flag of Russia 23 21 28 72
Flag of Britain 19 13 15 47

(Kevin Eason never got this under his Christmas Tree)

Don't worry folks, the Circus won't let the world continue on in ignorance...


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The UK Times was writing of gold medals only and in that fact they are correct, but INcorrect on the overall number of medals acquired. On the other hand: BFD. But consider the source: the UK.


Findalis said...

Didn't watch the games, but followed along the results. I was very proud of our team. They did their best, many in sports we had never heard of. I was especially proud of Kobe Bryant who said that when he got his USA uniform goose bumps crawled up his arms, a lump formed in his throat and his chest swelled with pride. When asked by a moonbat reporter if it was wrong to feel that way. He replied, "No! It felt good."

BTW: Men's basketball won gold. Can you imagine the swelling of pride Mr. Bryant had when he saw old Glory and heard the Star Spangled Banner?

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