20 August 2008


I Vant the Veepstakes to End

In case anyone has forgotten, there are less than 90 days until the November election to decide the next President of the United States of America. So don't make any plans, or you might miss something, like who the next VP of the United States will be.

I know everyone is riveted to their TV sets to find out who will win both parties' "Veepstakes". The controversy in the donkey party has been going on since Obama and Clinton began shelling each other early in the primary. The mere thought of a dream ticket of both of the two is more than enough for most liberals to curl up into a fetal position and begin sucking their thumbs in the comfort of Mother Government's protection. No indecision their. If they had their way, their would be only one choice for President and VP. It's just in what order on the ballot.

On the other side of the spectrum, the GOP is still trying to find the right person to add on to McCain's ticket. Some pundits say McCain needs a strong conservative like Mitt Romney to bring the Conservatives back to the fold. Other's are thinking more strategic and are throwing out key state Governor's names such a Pawlenty from Minnesota and Ridge from Pennsylvania.

Here's the bottom line, whether it be media induced because of the hype to promote their segments or not, both campaigns are using their upcoming announcements for all its worth. An Obama campaign staffer was quoted this morning on Fox and Friends that their selection hasn't even been notified yet.


Are you freaking kidding me?

Remember now, this is a position that the left says is so important that the mere presence of current VP Cheney in the White House is responsible for everything from illness, to bad luck on the lottery and the misalignment of certain constellations.

You would think that they would have at least given the guy (and yeah, I'm not even going to throw girl out their because we all know it isn't going to be Hillary) a heads up, like "don't make any plans for the next 4-8 years" kind of thing.

So that gives us two options. Either they truly haven't notified anyone, and they are uber-confident in the fact that a "cold" candidate will be enough to destroy the evil Republicans this fall, or it is yet another "little white lie" to the American People from the Obama campaign.

The current system of VP selection has to go. The very feel of it smacks of being more of a political appointment than of a choice of the American people. Remember, this person is to become the next President in t he event the sitting President is unable to perform his duties. It shouldn't be a hand-picked choice to boost polls. The Vice-Presidency should be representative of the voting-will of the American people.

The solution? Their are two options. First, either use the primary delegate count to select the top of the ticket and the running mate. Obviously, candidates would have to understand going in to such, that they potentially could end up a running mate, instead of the lead candidate. Guess what we would have? An Obama/Clinton vs McCain/Huckabee match-up. Now that would be interesting, and far more the will of the American people than the current system.

The other option is to have a separate election for Vice-Presidency. One where candidates going in compete against others to be their parties VP nominee. I think this option is the most appealing. I want someone holding this position to really want to that parties' VP nominee.

In any event, I just want it to be over. And soon, it will be. Then, maybe the real fun can begin, because believe me, their is nothing finer than sitting back after a hard days work and watching the VP debates sipping a cold can of Colt 45....YUCK!

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