24 August 2008


Inaugural Deconstructing the Left: It's All Bush's Fault!

As Promised, a few days back, I would begin running a segment which would deconstruct the "leftist" argument, plank by beautiful plank. Folks, I'm sure to most of you who have recently become regular blog readers of the Circus, you can see through this like a screen door. But, as a public service to those who might need a little assistance a long the way, I'm going to take a few moments here to really break this down.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are really good natured people, who are smart and intelligent and truly have the best for America in their hearts. But not everyone has the ability to study politics 24/7, let alone a four-year degree in Political Science. So what ends up happening, is when the spin doctors of the left start hammering these people over coffee at work, or at a family gathering, the well meaning person might fall prey to the trap, because they might not know exactly how to react to the flawed argument. I hope by starting this campaign today, those who in such a situation will gather the strength necessary to fend of stupidity in a otherwise sane time and those who already can speak eloquently will be able to add additional tools to their tool kits of wisdom.

And who says we can't have a few laughs in the process?

Bush does nothing while poor suffer
Editorial Courtesy of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

Why hasn’t President Bush put a freeze on the gas pumps at $1.50 a gallon. He also can make the oil companies sell the product cheaper to gas stations.

Well, probably because what you are referring to is called socialising the oil industry. It sounds great on paper. The "people" get their oil cheap after all and everyone lives happily ever after. That is until one day, the oil company can't afford to hire workers anymore because they are losing money fist over hand. And some genius gets into office and decides to place more and more taxes on oil. Then, you're stuck with no oil company and more expensive oil than you had in the first place.

Capitalism has a way of working itself out. That is unless some genius (again with the geniuses, I know) in government decides that he/she can run the market better than the market itself. Yeah, it doesn't work that way. Sort of like mixing oil and water. What you're left with is something you sure as hell can't drink, and something that won't give your car any go: It's useless.

Big Oil recorded its biggest quarterly profit – billions of dollars – in history.

It's a good thing they did too, or else we'd be S.O.L. when it comes to getting any oil. They also paid the most amount of taxes in history as well, and do you know that the government makes more money off a gallon of gas than the oil companies do? I think their is your real problem folks! Further, no other company in the world is required to literally fund its competitor (being taxed to promote "green energy".) Could you imagine if Microsoft was required to fund Apple?

This is why the United States is in a bad recession. A lot of people are starving, not just the poor. Yet Bush does nothing.

The US is not in a recession. A recession requires two down quarters in GDP, which we have not had yet.

God is watching and those responsible will answer to him.


Thank God for St. Vincent dePaul and the Salvation Army – agencies that help the poor and hungry in America.

So I say to Bush: Act now before it is too late and help the great American people who love this country.

Folks just don't seem to understand the government isn't the "great charity in the sky." We can thank the Clinton regime for turning the beast loose in America and creating the entitlement generation.

Remember, the Lord helps those who help themselves. These people shouldn't be sitting back and waiting for a hand-out from the government. They should be stepping out in faith and trying to improve their situation. You don't make enough money in your job? Go back to school and become qualified for a higher paying job, or find a new one. It's too hard to find a job today? Well, somehow the Irish seemed to manage during the turn of the century, not to mention their are thousands upon thousands of jobs in different skill levels in every US paper on and online job sites.

And do it for the children.

I'm sorry but socializing anything would be the last thing I'd want to leave for my future namesakes.

John Zawalish



Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Would you just take a Valium and STOP with the facts, already??


lot 2 learn said...

Great post ! But I think you're scaring some of those who do not live in the real world

Findalis said...

Notice the moonbats on the left didn't do anything about the poor or the homeless when Clinton was the President. I wonder why? There were poor, there were homeless.

Plus why didn't the Clintons and Al Gore start shoving alternate energy down the nations throats? Would we be in such a mess right now if they had started talking about it?

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