24 August 2008


Napalm in the Morning: Beckel Plays Monopoly and Loses

In case anyone missed it last night on Fox News, Bob Beckel was on as a contributor during a round table discussion about the news of the day: Obama's VP pick. Boy did he ever lose his freaking mind while he was on too. I don't know why Fox News even bothers having this clown on. Is he supposed to be converting me to his agenda? All it does is further encalcetrate my beliefs in how shrill and shallow the left is. Hell, if I was Karl Marx myself going into this show I would probably be looking to find a place to jump into a river to get clean after listening to Beckel. The guy is like a helicopter - It's like if the spin stops, he's afraid he's going to drop like a rock.

Basically, the whole show degenerated into how many times could Beckel throw in the "How many houses does John McCain have?" jab, and he was flailing away like a schoolgirl in a sewage ditch.

Moderator: "Nice to have you here tonight Bob."

Beckel: "It's nice to be here, but I miss my house. I only have three houses, not like the devil re-incarnate McCain. You know he has more houses than me?"

Moderator: "Uh, he he, no I didn't. So How are you?"

Beckel: "Like I was saying, that just proves he is evil."

Moderator: "I don't follow, are you saying you're evil?"

Beckel: "No, McCain is, he has more houses than me so he must be evil."

Moderator: awkward silence "So Bob, what did you think of the Biden selection today?"

Beckel: "I'm sure it was a tough choice for Obama, one he's given a lot of thought and feeling to. Not nearly as tough as the choice McCain has. I mean that guy doesn't know what house to sleep in at night."

Moderator: "Okay Bob, we get your point."

Beckel: "Yeah I heard that his kitchen tables have points on the corners. All ten kitchens!"

Moderator: "So what do you think about the speech today in Illinois. What about the gaffs by Obama and Biden?"

Beckel: "I thought it was great. Obama is clearly the best politician to ever come from Illinois. Abraham Lincoln has nothing on Obama. You know, you can build houses using Lincoln Logs too? I think somebody needs to investigate wether McCain has a few of those too?

Mean while I'm still trying to figure out why the hell Barrack H. introduced Joe Biden as the next President of the United States and who the hell Barrack America is.
The show went back and forth for a while, more questions, more real estate comments, but very little substance from Beckel. For a moment I thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit with Sean Connery playing Jeopardy. It didn't matter what the moderator said, just that Beckel was going to spin it into a joke about and tee pee, house, cottage, ranch, duplex et al.

Then, Geraldine Ferraro is invited on as a guest speaker and Beckel totally jobs her and makes her seem like an incompetent fool who was basically only picked for VP because Mondale wanted to make waves and pick a woman (never mind whether or not she was a good candidate or not or qualified or not.)

All hell ends up breaking loose as Beckel then starts to call Donald Trump on his cell phone to talk about real estate and the moderator loses his cool and searches for a piece of pie to shove in Beckel's face.

One a lighter side, Geraldo was on later in the evening, downright angry about Hillary being passed over. Now it's not unusual for him to get so emotional on TV (Katrina coverage, Neo-Nazi's etc) but I can empathize in how he feels because I was just as upset that my democratic dream ticket was busted up too (See below).


Findalis said...

This guy has 3 houses and complains that McCain has 7? Give me a break.

So what if McCain has 7 houses? Does he sleep in each one every night? Who really cares.

Roy Lofquist said...

Fabulous! I think Beckel should be on every night on five different networks. With Beckel, Biden and Obama on the air McCain can take a two month vacation in beautiful Sedona and be well rested for the inauguration.

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