28 August 2008


Obamaopolis: The Nero of Our Time

The biggest insult to Animal House in thirty years comes on the heels of the much anticipated address by Barack Obama at during the continuation of the "Debacle in Denver". In case you haven't already heard, the Obama camp has built an elaborate set of Obama to address his people, straight out of Hollywood. Could this truly be a foreshadowing of things to come?

Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe defended the set by attacking the McCain camp saying "I can't help it he wants to use a set out of a 70's Phil Donahue show." Clearly, they have to idea that their convention has been based on glitz and glamour and not planks and plans.

Obama clearly is a glory hound. The whole camp from Michelle to Plouffe's gut wrenched when any attention was diverted towards the Clinton's, begrudgingly allowing them time at "their" convention, and insisting that the Clinton's participation consisted of Obama adoration. What's scary though, is a lot of people are having a good laugh about the whole issue, but not realizing that this is a foreshadowing of things to come.

Nero, the last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, rule what characterized by tyranny and extravagance. At one point, he executed his own mother to protect and advance his own career. Not too much different from Obama's promotion of his own career through his incessant usage of the background of his mother.

Nero, the adopted child of Caligula. Obama the adopted child of Kennedy.

Nero had no political experience and became emperor of Rome at sixteen. He had to rely heavily on the constant supervision of his advisers, to which he eventually killed or imprisoned. His lack of experience and obsession with fame and popularity were a constant challenge for the leadership of Rome and eventually led to its downfall.

Nero used his growing power to eliminate his rivals, accusing advisers and challengers of embezzlement and other fiction. Obama's politics is some of the dirtiest in the modern era, out-slying the undisputed champions, the Clintons, and ceaselessly attacking the Republican party based on fictitious claims without the substance to back them up.

Nero sought out peace from the Parthian's, who were lead by Syrian Prince Tiradates, despite the wishes of his top military and diplomatic advisers. The move left Rome in a great state of peril and vulnerability. Obama, despite the urges and leadership of Gen. Petraus, seeks to end the war in Iraq, and unconditionally negotiate with Iran. Doing so will put the this country in a state ripe for the picking for intimidation and attack.

Nero was a hero of the lower class, and made rulings to appease them to increase his popularity which he was obsessed with. Tax collectors were accused of "being too harsh on the poor", which were made up for by heavy taxation of the moderate to rich citizens of Rome, despite being warned repeatedly that his actions would bankrupt the empire. Obama has become the trumpeter of increasing taxes on the middle to upper classes, while redistributing that money to the poor in the form of socialized medicine and other promised, but ill-advised and ill-planned projects. Similarly, these plans are projected to bankrupt the American reserve.

Finally, a Vindex, a governor who's own people went from a land of prosperity to a land of destitution under Nero's taxation program, rebelled against his practices, which led to Nero's upheaval.

Those of us who do not know out history are condemned to repeat it -- one of the great reasons the left has pushed for revisionist history. Their is no cheap stunt, tactic or charade that mankind has not seen before. We shouldn't be surprised when we keep getting bit by the rattlesnake we insist on petting.

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Findalis said...

There was another leader who used grandiose sets for his speeches. He had women swoon and men cry out his name too. He too had no experience in leading his people.

His name: Adolph Hitler.

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