21 August 2008


Obamapoly: Advance Token to the American Public and Pay Twice the Fee

Well, the Obamanation is back at the "Lets make McCain seem senile" agenda, accusing him of either being old and senile or out of touch with America.

McCain was quoted as saying that he didn't know how how exactly to respond to an interview question from Politico asking how many houses he owned, because he wasn't sure whether or not they were including condominiums, and some of his properties are owned by his wife and others are in his charitable trust.

Just when we were about to pass go, Obama flips the board sending the pieces flying! The left has already launched campaign ads attacking him for it, and in a stump speech, Obama stated the McCain was out of touch with the American public. Interesting words for a man who purchased a mansion from the convicted felon, Tony Rezco. I mean, I'm sure a lot of Americans can identify with that, right?

What makes me curious, is how exactly does this show McCain is out of touch with the American public? I can't think of one person in America who wouldn't want to have that sort of problem (multiple homes). Really, since when has it become such an evil thing in this country to be successful? Probably when the entitlement beast was turned loose by the Clinton regime. After all, those with the money are holding the rest back, right? Never mind the risk, hard work, losses and challenges those who are successful took to get there.

To this I say, Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.

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