01 September 2008


Napalm in the Morning: What Will Save This Country?

Looking into the future, I can very easily see this being the last six months of capitalism in the history of the United States of America. A very short time ago, I believed that their was only a small percentage of the population who truly were so far left wing that they outright cried for the country to turn pink, if not bright red. However, I have received a great awakening, and have realized how powerful the movement has become.

Why these people believe socialism and communism will work here, when it has failed so miserably around the world again and again is beyond me. My only explanation is that there is a percentage of people who will thrive as the chosen few (IE Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) who moved over $500 million to an off shore and non-taxable bank account the day Sen. Barack Hussein Obama was nominated) and an even larger population who does not know our history, or the history and event going on around the world, that has bought off on it. Hook, line and sinker.

But, this post is not meant to enlighten those to the wonders of a repeatedly failed government system. This post is to shine a spotlight on what we can do to fix our current one.

First and foremost: Term-Limits. When the congress of the United States was founded, it was never the intention of the builders for men and women to become life-long politicians and represent their constituents from afar in DC for thirty or forty years are a clip. Representatives such as Ex-Marine John Murtha (D) have become so far detached from their population and so far engulfed in the jockeying for political favor that he's gone as far as accusing US Marines of murdering innocent civilians in Iraq. By the way, in case any missed it, the last of those Marines were acquitted and found innocent of any wrong doing.

Murtha and others like him get so far entrenched and ingrained that they become impossible to remove. They build up massive war chests in the range of $20 to $50 million dollars and taunt anyone to try to run against them. This prevents better candidates and better Representatives of the people from ever getting a chance to compete. Hell, Murtha at this point could cede Pennsylvania from the Union and no-one could do much about it.

I remember bringing this up with PA State Senator John Wozniak (D) who was vehemently against term limits. The multi-term senator felt that it would interfere from the performance of politicians. It is my belief however, that the last half of terms are used to campaign anyway. And the first half is used revelling in their success of the last election.

The next point solution is this: The Line-Item Veto:

Here's what ends up happening: The Republicans come up with a bill to help fund the military with equipment and pay. The Democrats, as it passes through the house and senate, tag one non-related spending bill onto it after another, making it nothing close to what the original bill was.

So, there are a couple of options, the Republicans in Senate or President Bush in the White House, can veto the entire bill, and be branded anti-military by the Democrats and liberal media, or they can pass the bill, which passes funding for gay and lesbian rights, welfare, pork projects and a million other fringe agendas.

What ends up happening? Nothing. The Republicans know they can't allow the spending to run as far out of control and have to veto these bills, and the Democrats scream and rail how much the Republicans hate the military, even though it was their own fault. This process occurs numerous times with the same result and in the meantime, the military is left under-equipped and under-funded.

This is just one example but the whole process has become a bastardized political tool which accomplishes nothing to help the people.

Their is no reason for people to go to DC for years on end. Our representatives should be statesmen and women, no career politicians. It does us no good to have a representative or senator become so far detached from the American public that their only interaction comes from poll numbers.

The solution for change is not to vote for a radical liberal and hope for the best. The solution is to help ensure that those in office do their elected job for their constituents.


Greybeard said...

I'll address the "Why is it we keep moving toward Socialism" part of your post.
I truly think it is because most people want to help others. To me, it's analogous to the story of the snake and coyote alongside the flooding river. Both need to cross, and the snake, after promising not to bite him, convinces the coyote to give him a ride.
Midway across, the snake bites the coyote. When the coyote says "now we'll both die. Why did you do that?" the snake replies, "because I'm a snake. It's what I do."

Bleeding heart Liberals are like the coyote... they think you can use logic and rationalize with snakes.
Conservatives know otherwise.

Do not be too disheartened, my friend. I'm re-energized by the Palin nomination and have changed my mind about voting for (almost a democrat) McCain.
Hillary voters have had their eyes opened.
Young Obama voters who are smart enough to notice his actions of late are saying "Where the Hell is the change here?"

I'm hopeful the peak of Obama's popularity is behind him.
Pop the popcorn. Let's watch and blog about the coming few days.

Findalis said...

For there to be term limits or a line item veto they have to be done by Constitutional Amendment. That in itself is a very hard thing to achieve.

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