12 October 2008


Barrack Hussein Osama for President Sign


Greybeard said...

Lucky, I'm not comfortable with the message this photo sends. Of course, part of the problem is Obama won't release enough information about himself to allow us to investigate his past... but we know enough about his past and his views to illuminate how scary he is without the innuendo that he is muslim.

Concentrate on his record (or lack of it). Concentrate on the people he's comfortable associating with.
Concentrate on what his policies will do to a Nation already suffering from a lack of revenue.

Avoid suggestions that turn others away from your words.

Ruinous Right said...

This post attracted a record amount of traffic to my site. Perhaps it's time for an updated version.


Findalis said...

The trouble is that the nation is not listening to the message. This was right on target.

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