04 October 2008


I'm back...and "why they got to be like that?"

Well folks, the worst appears to be behind me...I'll spare you the details as to why I've been absent for the last few weeks, but It was quite an adventure for sure. I've been taking the last few days to rest up and recover.

My topic for todays post isn't politically driven, but more of a snapshot of life. I encountered a very interesting scenerio recently flying with an individual that made my life a living hell. I seriously wanted to strangle them. I'm sure you've encountered similar situations with coworkers.

Well, not much new is here, but wanted to let you all know the Circus is on its way back to full steam, just as soon as I am....

Quick hitters:
1. Palin smoked Biden in the debate. If anyone thinks otherwise, then they've consumed the Kool-Aid (Red Variety).

2. The Huffington Post is printed on lower grade paper than that which is used to wipe one's arse.

3. O'Reilly smoked Rep. Barney "Fife with your money" Frank on his show last evening. I lost a lot of respect for O the past few years, but I'm glad someone called the undisputed champ of homosexuality on the house floor out for his bs.

4. OJ did it.

5. OJ did it again. Finally jailed.

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