29 October 2008


Interesting Finds at HillaryClintonForum.net: They're Pulling for McCain

Well, I just did a quick search around the net to see where my inbound visits were coming from and I came across a site called hillaryclintonforum.net. Naturally, the inquisitive person that I am, I just had to check it out and how my page was referenced there.

Well, first off, the reference to my page was about Rep. Murtha's comments about how racist his constituents were.

Here is where the surprises begin. First, almost all of the posters agreed that Murtha need to go. But, while that is all well and nice, I was intrigued to see how the posters felt about Obama. I mean, after all, isn't the big wigs at the Democrat party saying that they are more unified than ever? Not the case. In fact, the party seems to be breaking strong towards the McCain side, and many agree that they believe the polls are incredibly incorrect.

Below are a few quotes I found from the site:

  • "Is everyone beginning to notice that whenever Obama starts tanking in the polls and they all begin to show the first signs of panic, he always "magically" rebounds literally overnight?"
  • "Oh, and has anyone noticed that Obama's lead in the RCP average has been cut in half in the past week? I'm not worried. At all."
  • "I couldn`t have said it any better myself! I hope the McCain camp makes an ad out of what Biden said and it runs until election day all over the country. I already know of at least 4 bots here in NE OH. who woke up after Biden`s comments and are now going to vote for McCain!"
  • "Where have I seen these numbers before?

    Oh yeah, replace McCain with Clinton and transport in time to right before the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries. Hahaha! Isn't it justin credible that Obama lost both of those by 9-10 points?

    Those undecideds and that Bradley effect are rough, aren't they BHO?

    Incredible that the Democratic nominee isn't up by 15 to 20 points across the board in this political climate. Justin credible."
Now this isn't some tiny site either. It is an incredibly active board with over 5,500 members from across the country, many of whom are incredible active in politics in their area and are excellent barometers for what the real climate is on the ground for moderate and blue-collar democrats.

The cards are starting to fall into place folks. It was only a matter of time before the biased polls and media mind control started to fall apart.

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