29 October 2008


On Budget and Taxes, Obama is a 'No Vote'

Senator Barack Obama, who has been running his whole election bid on the economy has a very empty voting record when it comes voting on the budget and taxes. To go along with his lack of experience to begin with, his record on not even voting on his most important issues is very troubling to those who think he might be better on the economy.

Acording to Project Vote Smart, Obama has a staggeringly bad record of even showing up to vote for important budget and tax bills. Over 70% of the time, Obama failed to vote at all. Among these votes were bills on the following issues important to our country:

09/17/2008Defense Authorizations Bill
S 3001


- Provides a 3.9 percent basic pay increase for members of the armed forces (Sec. 601).

- Authorizes $153.55 billion for operations and maintenance

- Authorizes $124.5 billion for military personnel and contributions to the Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Fund

07/31/2008Higher Education Act Amendments and Extensions
HR 4137

Project Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that makes changes to regulations regarding student costs for attending colleges, relationships between colleges and lenders, and student aid.

07/31/2008Consumer Product Safety Commission Bill
HR 4040

Project Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt a conference report that increases funding for the Consumer Product Safety Commission and creates new consumer product safety standards.

07/26/2008Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Funding
S 3186

07/26/2008Housing Bill with Energy Tax Credit Extensions
HR 3221

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