27 October 2008


Napalm in the Morning: "Is this some sort of joke?"

Well, it sure has been a while since our last episode of Napalm in the Morning. I don't want to say I hit a rut, but I just didn't feel like composing much.

  • OBAMA CHANNEL 74: Well folks, the time is near and I half to say I will be looking forward to Nov. 5th. That is unless if we still recieve the OBAMA channel on Dish Network. It really makes you wonder who is funding Obama, especially in light of all of the fraudulent donations he has been receiving. It couldn't possibly be middle eastern and other foriegn money could it? Don't tell me all the poor folks that he is fighting for that don't have any shoes or food for their children are able to pony up millions of millions of dollars each month for his campaign.
  • POLLS! I'm starting to have my suspicions that ACORN has a hand in the daily polls across the country too. Especially since the Investors Business Daily Poll (the most accurate poll in the 2004 election) has the race withing 3% (2.8% to be exact) of each other and closing rapidly.
  • POLLS (Part 2). Also interesting to note is that the overwhelming majority of Americans who do not "fly the flag" support Obama for President 66-27%. Kind of solidifies my point that the core of Obama's supporters truly hate everything America stands for. (See also Obama Campaign Threw Away American Flags after Speech.)
  • WESTERN PA IS RACIST...No, just Redneck and Ignorant: John Murtha has said enough and it looks like LTC William Russell (Ret) has a serious shot of winning. Michelle Malkin's site has him even in the lead. I'm almost afraid of what Murtha will say next. Possible he will put a bill before congress to declare a national Benedict Arnold Day.
  • REDISTRIBUTION OF THE WEALTH = Take money from the people who work to give to the people who don't. I'm all for a hand up, but not a hand out. This is talk I would be expecting to hear coming from Moscow, not Miami. People wonder why the market is down? It's NOT because of the "Failed Policies of GW Bush." It's because any investor with half a brain in his head is pulling his or her money out of the market until the election is over in fear of an Obama victory and the subsequent tax hikes to follow. You people wonder why your IRA and retirements are down and why your boss is closing up shop? OBAMA. Plain and simple.
Shot over.

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