23 August 2008


This Blogs Explosion & The Left's Implosion

The rotors have been turning and the Flying Circus has been taking off lately. I'd like to thank my new audience today and take a moment to share three other websites who have gone above and beyond and deserve a looksy or two from you!

The name sounds like the type of saloon where you'd want to throw your hat in first, and it truly is a hard-nosed place. No Sissies allowed! Fred runs an excellent blog and deserves a ton of credit for clearing an LZ for my Unsung Heroes article. You know the saying, things are always bigger in Texas? Well when it comes to his blog, things are better too!

Fred's latest writings have included a common-sense review of the levee meltdown in Mayor Nagen's "Chocolate City" and exposing the stupidity in the Federal Immigration's "Voluntary Deportation Program".

Set me up with a shot of that good stuff!

Right Wing Wiz Kid

Right Wing and Wiz Kid is synonymous and this site puts the two together. The site showed its superior intelligence by sharing my Unsung Heroes post, and to top it off the poor guy is blogging out of the Union stranglehold of Pennsylvania.

Get yourself smarter now, by visiting the kid!

Monkey in the Middle
Playing being caught in the middle of liberal media can be frustrating, but fear not, Findalis's site comes into the playground and lays the smack down. I have to show much love for my favorite blog lady as she gave my site a glowing endorsement with a special post to her audience.

An Air-Force veteran, and NCO, Findalis has a powerful message and her posts extend to the global scale. I think I've found my new 1SG!


TexasFred said...

What we got here...

Is a failure to publicize...

We can fix all that, gotta get you on some tags every time you post, get you on more blog rolls, get SiteMeter installed, submit you to Google every time you post, and get you a Digg account too...

This is a damned fine blog, the premise is wonderful, the content is great and the writer drives AH-64's?? How the hell much better can it get??

We can get you out there, we can get you some notice and rankings, and by God, you deserve it!!

Findalis said...

Hope the endorsement helped. Thanks for the link back.

I find my blog is like the old school playground and I'm still kicking the bully's ass. Only this time the bully is the MSM, and left-wing moonbats.

Findalis said...

BTW. I'll take the post of Top Shirt that you offered. 1st Sgt. is an honorable title for any NCO!

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