04 September 2008


Palin Thrives at Convention Under Pressure of Vicious Attacks

Veni, vidi, vici.

Liberal Attacks and Smears Came.

America Saw.

Paulin Conquered.

On a night in which it seemed like both sides of the political spectrum were holding their breathes, (the left hoping for another chance the smear Palin, the right hoping she would show the brilliance that made her the highest approved Governor in the United States) Sarah Palin rose like the Phoenix from the ashes to put the Obama camp on the retreat and victory in November close in hand for McCain.

Google reported the highest number of search engine hits for any political figure in one day for Sarah Palin, major media networks had countdown clocks until her speech, and former Governors Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and the Hon. Rudy Giuliani set the expectations high in prelude and Palin not only did not disappoint, she impressed.

Her brilliant speech in light of the recent libel filled and slanderous attacks from the left was phenomenal, at one point stating she realized she wasn't winning any friends with the liberal media and Washington pundits, but that wasn't why she was there - she was there to serve the American people.

Palin has been under incredible pressure due to the attacks on her family by such irreputable sources as the Huffington Post and the DailyKos, which were relied upon heavily by the mainstream media for their sources of information. By most accounts, according to the Huffington Post, they expected Palin to crumble like a "good housewife's cookie" and step-down as the VP nominee. After her speech Wednesday night, the Huffington Post might need a glass of spilt milk to wash that cookie down their slimy throats.

Further, the attacks have backfired on the left, as a recent poll featured on Yahoo shows that the majority of the respondents felt the media was attacking Palin unjustifiably and many also felt the attacks made them more likly to vote for Palin.

Its hard to imagine having such a ticket who can handle the immense pressure that the Presidency holds, McCain overcoming the torturous experience of being a POW and Palin defying the fringe left's character assassination attempts.

Contrast this with the Obama-Biden ticket, in which neither has faced much if any adversity during their campaign and careers, and it is becoming more and more clear that McCain and Palin are the superior choice given the current state of affairs in the country.

The Obama campaign is reeling now, with staffers admitting to Fox News today their two worst fears came true last night as Palin unified and electrified the Republican party behind the McCain ticket, and she proved her abilities and her courage under fire.

Tonight, after Palin opened the door, McCain has an opportunity to close it on the Obama ticket and set his ticket up for a victory in November.

...and that's the way the left's cookie crumbles.


Findalis said...

The only reason the vultures were out after her was that Paris Hilton wasn't out doing her thing.

She has held up well under fire and will make a great #2 not only on the ticket, but for the nation.

Sarah Palin will take no prisoners when it comes to dealing with Iran, Hamas or al Qada. She will be the Pitbull that is needed by John McCain when he needs someone to go to the Saudis (can't see that lady in a Burqa) or the Russians and lay down the law to them.

She is the right choice for a winning team.

The New Conservative said...

Palin's speech was great. I noticed you made a comment about my blog over at blog catalog. If you'll put me on your blog list I'll do the same.

The New Conservative said...


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