07 November 2008


Palin Thrown Under the Bus - Whigs in Control of the Republican Party

It wasn't 24 hours since the election was over, and reports (this time more verified than the shots in the dark the Huffington Rag took) of GOP insiders throwing Sarah Palin under the bus started flowing. I'm not an insider, but I really believe the old guard fat cats of the party never really warmed to her and McCain, and thus sponsored such an apathetic campaign.

Hopefully the Republican party will wake up and realize that their establishment, who wouldn't fully accept Palin as one of their own, is disenfranchising many who became Republicans after the Democratic party turned into a party of the fringe. While many of us didn't agree with the big business love fest (although we admit we cannot continuously kill the goose who laid the golden egg), we came to their party because we believed in family values, strong national defense, low taxes and low spending. And, while they have talked a good game over the past ten years, they haven't held up their end of the bargain. Obama didn't do anything magical, the Republicans did things marginally. While he whipped up a fervor among the outright socialist and left-wing extremists in this country, many people simply voted for him because he promised change, and although misplaced, people bought on it.

So, now I say, there are two options, the Republicans can either go back to the stance that worked before, or we as the American public need to abandon the established two-parties of tweedledee and tweedledum. Personally, I sent in my change of registration the next morning to the Constitution Party. I'm not jumping off some band wagon. I just woke up and realized that neither of these two parties give a damn about the American people.

The election is over. I'm not going to go into detail about the socialism and pain this country is going to face, all in the name of change. What does need done though, as many of you have stated, is to hold both parties feet to the fire. Yes, America, we have two choices, the Democratic-Socialist Party and the Republican-Whig party. And as long as that is the case, the American people's wants and needs will never be truly on the agenda of DC.

*AFC Note* I had an unfortunate event occur a few days back which required medical attention, thus I have not been able to post as frequently as normal, or with as much detail and energy as normal. I hope to discuss more about the reform needed in DC in the upcoming days as I go through my recovery. Thank you.

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thearmyrecruiterswife said...

I hope you feel better soon! My husband said getting his wisdom teeth out wasn't as bad as he thought - I hope that helps.

Julia said...

It's good to hear someone say something like this -- hopefully more people will wake up and consider the possibilities. Hope you are feeling better.

Findalis said...

The party refuses to blame itself, so they will blame the woman. If the GOP in Congress had done what the Donkeycrats did and actually defer to McCain as their leader, then Obama might not have won.

There are too many Chiefs in the party and not enough followers.

Jordan Hixon said...

The Republicans are really showing the people how much inconsiderate they really are. Palin out here being bashed for McCain's lack of conservative values and nobody has the balls to back her up. She is the future and is one of the best things to look forward to in this country.

Everyday it seems the Republicans go away from their values and grow toward the left. Hopefully this election will knock some sense into them.

Jordan Hixon said...

please forgive my terrible grammar. I forgot to proof read

Anonymous said...
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